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Annabel is more than just a hidden object game, it's the adventure of a lifetime
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Annabel is an unusual hidden object 3D game developed by NevoSoft.
The game's plot starts in the present days, when Annabel, a young tourist who is attending an archaeological conference in Egypt visits a museum, there she learns about an eerie ancient Egyptian story about a princess named Annabel just like her.

This blood-curdling tale is focused in how Akhenaten, the princess lover and future Pharaoh, is going to be killed by Amertekh, a wicked high-positioned priest in a gory sacrifice to the gods. We learn all this within introduction of the game, but, what is most astonishing is the rumor that one person is taken away by this curse every ten-year period of time and Annabel is unavoidably the next one.

So, we are taken back in time along with Annabel to the ancient Egypt where our mission is to help her save her good-looking prince from his horrific destiny. The first thing we have to do is free the lovely Princess Annabel from the place where Amertekh is keeping her as a prisoner, he also plans to force her to marry him in an attempt to become a Pharaoh and thus take over Egypt.

As you can see we will have to make the best of our intelligences to be able to go through all the puzzles and traps.

All in all, what we have here is an incredible 3D hidden object game with really detailed and eye-catching environments where we will have to look for items, and of course a very interesting story.

María Noel Balla
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  • Great story
  • Eye-catching graphics
  • Fairly nice music
  • A plus of mini-games


  • Dialogs are somewhat stiff
  • You are not able to select things until you are prompted
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